JOSH COULTER is a life long Niagara resident that has been a dominant name in the Niagara music scene for over 10 years.  JOSH COULTER has been performing with  dozens of groups over the years, but I can guarantee that if you live in and around the Niagara area, you have seen him play, heard him play, or have heard his name mentioned in regards to the local music scene. 

Its hard to pick one genre to describe his style.  Over the years, he has shared the stage with musicians of all kinds, learning and adapting to various environments and musical roles.  Today you can see him performing as a solo musician, with duos, trios, and big band line-ups on a weekly basis.  Clubs, pubs, bars, weddings, wedding proposals, corporate events, private events, festivals, any occasion that can require musical services, JOSH COULTER has been a part of over the past decade. 

JOSH COULTER has been recognized for his musical efforts numerous times ranging from his live musical performances with Niagara's group OFF THE RECORD for Niagara's Best Bar Band in 2012 and 2016, to winning best Original Musical Score multiple times at International Film Competitions in Toronto over the years.  His passion for all kinds of music bleeds into every performance whether it be live, or in the studio.  He is always looking for the next adventure to continue his musical journey.